The Real Heroes and Heroines Among Us!

I am really not talking about the ones who are seen and applauded; not the ones who reach for the skies while the whole world is watching.  Not even the quiet one who, by one act of selflessness is thrown unwittingly into the spotlight and receives fame and recognition that they never sought for.  These are not the heroes and heroines that I come face to face with everyday.  Although, I must admit...I love hearing about them, watching them on the news, dancing along with others as we watch their youtube videos or becoming  just another one of their million followers on Instagram.  Like the rest of the world, I applaud these larger than life figures and secretly (or maybe even openly) envy them.  But these are not the heroes and heroines that I see everyday.

Tonight, I lift my hat off to the single mother battered by life, barely making ends meet as she sits through another support group meeting, looking for tools to be a better mom to her hurting and struggling teenage son; I salute the wife who comes alone to therapy sessions, still believing in a marriage that seems to be failing apart, trying to hold on to hope, love and faith that will see them through another major bump on their 'till death-do-us -part' journey; I applaud the one battling anxiety and depression and yet struggling to believe that if she can just make it through the next minute, she will be okay- one minute at a time; My heart hurts for the spouse who wants to stop cheating and for the one cheated on who begs God for grace to forgive and move on.  These, to me are the true heroes and heroines among us.

The heroes and heroines that I see every day have been battered by life but they refuse to give up.  They have been knocked to the ground by abusive parents, partners and spouses and yet they find the strength from deep within them to hold out for just another day.  Their names may never be on the front page news, their stories may never be told through an electronic screen but as I look into their eyes and see hope when there is no reason to hope, faith when all around them is falling apart and peace in the middle of the storm, I pause and salute them.  For these ones are the real heroes and heroines among us.

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